Front-end development and design contributions

Working together with Codemavs, I took on the Wawela Music Awards project in a front-end development capacity. This entailed creating a website as well as a custom branded html5 video player.

Wawela means to ‘go beyond’ and that was the aim for their new look and website in every sense. The design is chic, elegant and has plenty of african flavour mirroring the bodies characteristics which make it one of the biggest awards in the South African music calendar.

The site needed to serve to both inform the public about who Wawela is and also become a portal for contestants to enter, a hub for judges to use and tie in the bodies many social feeds into a central location. The experience needed to reflect this design and scale across many devices like all good websites do.

This project serves to illustrate my skills in front-end development. All intellectual property belong to Codemavs, the Wawela Music Awards body, SAMRO and affiliated artists respectively.

The Wawela Home Page

Sweat the small stuff

Bringing a design such as this to life is often about the little details, such as a simple reveal animation on the search which gets you to start typing immediately.

Tiny SVG animations that bring a little bit of fun but keep within the nature and purpose of the website.

Artists Detail Page

knowing when to get out of the way

By building a player UI that is not invasive, that hides itself away so that you can enjoy the fantastic Walewa content but still retains the look and feel of what an intuitive web video player user interface should be.