Megarom Games

During my time at Weekday Heroes I was afforded the opportunity to work on projects for Megarom games. These included designing pre-order and competition pages. These pages were based on a bare bones, open template which allowed me to craft pages which both pushed the game brand as well as the Megarom brand in the designs. I was responsible for the design as well as the front-end development of these pages.

This project serves to illustrate my skills in design and development. All intellectual property belong to Weekday Heroes and their clients respectively.


Below is a small sample of some of the pre-order pages I designed. These pages are primarily sales pitches. They feature the game keyart and video, then present the various offerings, sometimes these offerings change according to retailer, and then link directly to product pages on the retailers website.

Destiny Pre-order Page
Diablo 3 Pre-order Page

Don Bradman Cricket Pre-order Page
Thief Pre-order Page


Below are two competiton pages. These competitions vary in terms of functionality but the majority of them are run through Facebook. The below competitions had the following functions:

Assassin’s Creed 3: This competition asked users to answer riddles to be entered into a prize draw. This all happened through the port hole at the bottom of the page.
South Park Stick of Truth: This competition asked players to download an image from the game, caption it and then upload their creation. The best captions were featured on Facebook and awarded prizes.
Just Dance 2014 and Rocksmith 2014: These competiton pages asked players to enter their details to stand a chance of being selected from a random draw.

South Park Stick of Truth Competition Page
Assasins Creed 3 Competition Page

Just Dance 2014 Competition Page
Rocksmith 2014 Competition Page