Website design & front-end development

During my time at DStv Digital Media, I have the role of co-designer and front-end developer on the DStv Now Website. This project was aimed at updating design and functionality on the DStv Catch Up offering, a short period video-on-demand service. DStv Now extended this functionality to include Live TV, TV series box sets as well the eventual home to an online TV guide.

This project serves to illustrate my skills in design and development. All intellectual property belong to Multichoice, DStv and affiliated studios respectively.


The websites design largely followed the Android and iOS apps that launched a few months prior. The visual style was chiefly characterized by presenting a large content proposition, a modern Holo inspired UI style and a shallow site structure getting users to watching their favourite shows as soon as possible.

One of the defining characteristics of the DStv Now website and apps is a billboard that blurs on scroll. This enables legibility of the lists below the screen fold while still keeping context for users to use as wayfinding. This signifier is extended to follow the user around onto play pages and other static pages, thus serving a practical function as well as keeping the appearance of the site different and new, as to mirror the ever growing content offering of the service.

DStv Now Catch Up Browse Page

Catch Up (VOD) Browse Page

DStv Now Catch Up Play Page

Catch Up (VOD) Play Page

DStv Now Live TV Selector Page

Live TV Channel Selection

DStv Now Live TV Play Page

Live TV Play Page