Here is a small collection of interesting links that I’ve found over the past week.

Eat my Shorts! – CSS Simpsons

While we can all talk about how lovely svg is, there’s something special about seeing this kind of thing in pure css magic. Chris Pattle¬†created The Simpsons in CSS¬†and left me feeling rather nostalgic.

Susan Kare EG8 Talk [20 mins]

Susan Kare talks about some of the key points in regards to icon design. Well worth the watch. Watch the talk on vimeo

Hardvard Law Review Redesign

The wizards over at Upstatement recently redesigned the Harvard Law Review. Check out their case study detailing the design choices and process.

The history of the football

The New York Times has a great article detailing the design of the FIFA World Cup ball from the 1930s.

Call to Idea

This is one for UI and front-end designers. Call to Idea is a library of UI components, layouts and utilities curated by Alexis Hill.

Google Design

For all things design and Google. Google Design is a wealth of information, plus the click animation on those tiles is really nifty.