Here is a small collection of interesting links that I’ve found over the past two weeks.

Kill data entry, deliver value automatically

This article entitled “On magical Software” talks through slimming down interfaces to become push button experiences. Obviously great designing experiences that maximise user conversion. Useful read for any UX or UI designer

Quick and Easy brand guides

If you’re anything like me, you have a stash of hex values and vector logo’s for the usual culprits your clients needs to have links to or just feature content from. Sometimes you need a little more, especially if you trying to design a seamless experience for your users. Find Guideline on the web is a very useful collection of style guides for all the popular web brands you would encounter and then some. Definitely deserving of a spot on your bookmark bar.

Smart Fixed Navigation

Designing mobile navigation can be tricky. Balancing functionality and focus of items as many user’s will use your menu items to both orient and summarize. Sometimes, especially if you tend to have longer pages, it’s super useful to have access to that navigation wherever you are. Thats where this little gem comes in, Smart Fixed Navigation creates a pop up navigation menu where you would usually place your back to top button. Check out the demo here.

3D CSS, No Really…

As we always are pushing the limits of css Noah Blon created this pure css 3d effect. Check out his pen.

Hackernews Redesign

Fellow designer Hila Peleg, took a stab at redesigning the Hackernews site. Featuring some innovative and well researched design solutions like the Y-meter, its well worth a read. Would love to see it in action.

Many languages, one font family

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today but as designers we only reach a small fraction of user’s. Thats a lot of user’s missing out on petabytes of life changing information. This is where Google’s Noto font family comes in, providing beautiful free font’s in 96 languages and counting. Those of you involved in the online education sector should definitely keep this one in your pocket.

The Rise of the UX Torturer

Brad Frost talked about this before but it seems dark UX patterns are evolving. This article by Eshan Shah Jahan describes and exemplifies nasty UX in action. Making bad experience so that users are forced to buy a better one.

Dataveyes Identity

Dataveyes generated a new identity from the relations between its members. This entire project is as cool as it sounds. The articles gives you an informative and detailed look at the process and motivation behind the design. Highly recommended read.

Flexbox with JS fallback blocks

As if you didn’t need another reason to love flexbox, this tutorial guides you through creating an equal height masonry come grid layout using flexbox and javascript as a fallback. If you want to skip to dessert, check out the demo here.

Back to the Future

This web thing we all do has been around for a while now, so naturally there’s a bit of preservation going on to help keep the good old dancy baby gif background fresh in our minds. This article has some nice comparisons between the then and now designs of some popular sites.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Infographic

With the world cup ending Shahed Syed put together an infographic chronicling the 16 teams progress. You can view a nice large version here.

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