Here is a small collection of interesting links that I’ve found over the past week.

Instagram Onboarding

Samuel Hulick put out another fantastic teardown eariler this week. How Instagram Onboards New Users gives a great look at the work that has been done to the sign up process since Intsagram was aquired by Facebook, and reminds us that back arrows, forward arrows and skip buttons can become confusing if mishandled.

Face/ Brid/ Letter Illustrations

This unqiue project began when illustrator Laura Serra let her hands lead the process paired with a box full of unfinished ideas. With emaculate detail and melting forms, Face/Brid/Letter will inspire you to pick up a pencil and rummage through your own box of unfinished ideas.

Unsolicited Redesigns

We’ve all create some unsolicited redesigns. They here to stay. Just eariler this week, on the back of all the football hype there was a Helveticized attempt at braodcast design. Some a good, some bad, but all giving designers and oppotunity to play with a brand that they love and hopefully get seen so some of these ideas make it into an iteration or better yet, work oppotunity. So why not bring it all together into one space à la reddit.

Make something when you

Creators Cole Townsend & Noah Buscher have founded a network where developers and designers can connect and start working on side projects, or find some to collaborate with on an existing project. Free with payment options if you choose, its worth getting signed up, and making something you really want to.

A WordPress Theme Developer Introspective

Tom McFarlin posted a great article on his observations and opinions around WordPress theme development and dealing with end users. Its a bit of a longer read, but he has many great points and offer’s some good advice for moving forward.


If d3.js is just way too much for your needs and you need some simple, lightweight graphs, >charts.js by Nick Downie might be extactly what you looking for.

Sooth your eyes with eyebleach

Whether you suffering from a case of having excessive drop shadows being thrown in your face or just need to rid yourself of the toothpaste blue, circa 1999 Design Observer redesign. Eyebleach has got your back with loads of (awww inspiring) cuteness.