I’m a Front-End Developer & UI Designer
Based in Toronto, Canada.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve worked in start-ups, agencies, and corporate development environments building skills that include client-side development, interface design, some back-end development and production work in the online video space.

Credentials & Accolades (in case you’re curious)

I attended the University of Johannesburg, where I graduated cum laude for my Bachelor of Technology Degree and my National Diploma.

I have a passion for good design and believe thrilling experiences delight people at the most unexpected moment, dissolving into content everywhere else.

Where I’m at

Currently, I am working on the world first multi-material 3D printing slicing software at Mosaic Manufacturing.

I’m always looking to collaborate on interesting projects.
Feel free to reach out with work inquiries, side projects, or just to say Hi!

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